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Welcome to my web site

Welcome to my Hunter family web site....I have recently changed things on this site .... I am going to try to put more Information, obituaries and family charts on this one......On my other web site "photosmyunknownhunterfamily" there will be more photos and some info..... 

Keep checking here for any updates.....take a look at the photo pages for new photos....updated this page January 30, 2010

Well it is that time of year where I am planning the 3rd family gathering....this one is set for August 21 2010 it is a saturday it will be in Pillager MN near Brainerd MN again this year with lots of food and lots of getting to know some of the long lost family who will be sharing info and photos with each other everyone is welcome just give me a call if you would like to come at 1-218-746-3648 I will answer your questions and give you numbers to hotels in the area....children are definetly welcome also...they like to know family too...

 I Had an All Family or as I called it  "New Found Family Gathering"  in July 2006.... It started with wanting to get together with everyone on my email list that I contact regularly, & know I am related to through basic family members we are all related to Samuel Hunter & then through John Blair Hunter & either one of his wives and any one of their children....& it bloomed from there, they invited their children or a brother or sister etc. & we wound up with a great group of people...We had a very good turn out, we all exchanged info, some photos & some of the people recognized some of the "Unknown" family members in the photos we each had along with us that day....The only bad thing that day was the HEAT...Our family gathering was a success, we all met family we never met before, we all ate tons of food, we all won prizes and we all found out a little more about each of our families.....and had alot of fun just visiting with each other for the day.....everyone wants to get together again next year...... 

We Had another family gathering August of 2007, we had a great time again....we had some of the same new family members and we had come this year that couldn't make it last year.....we got lots of new info and pictures from each other....we held it in Pillager, MN again this time but we have pretty much decided to hold our next New Found Family Gathering in 2009 down near Diamond Bluff, WI, because there is alot of family history there for this Hunter family.....Our Great Great Great Grandpa and his second wife & his oldest son all came there first from PA....I will keep you informed on this, but if anyone is interested in coming to this 2009 gathering let me know....I would love to get you address so I can contact you when we have more info on the gathering in 2 years --- we usually do this about July or August......    


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To see who my Hunter Family is, take a look at the next few pages, I have Family Group Charts, Photos, Documents and more to let you see each family member (Ancestor) I have found Info on, or a photo of....some of the info I found doing my own research & some I got by finding others related to me and sharing with them...this is what we have come up with for our family..... If you have anything to add or change, or if you would like more info please send me an email.....  You would be surprised how much "Family" you can find when you start digging....I have found alot of new family members, you can too.....I hope you belong to this Hunter Family also & if you do let me know it would be nice to hear from you......

the above picture has now been identifyed as GR GR Grandpa John Blair Hunter

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