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More photos from the family photo albums!!!!

Here are more pictures for you to look at....I will also try to add new ones to the other web site too..... but for now kick back and flip through the photo albums from a few people all in one page.... 


This soldier is Edward Clarence Hunter isn't he handsom in his uniform, I am sure he made his parents proud....According to information i got from Pats family group chart his name was actually Edwin Clarence but always went by Ed or Edward, but according to the family Bible Bev has gotten info from his name was Edward Clarence Hunter with no mention of Edwin at all....He is the son of William Long and Cora Edna Hunter....He was born in 1884 and died a tragic death in 1918, he went out hunting one morning and when he was late coming home his father went to look for him, while  climbing through the fence the gun went off and he was shot in the face and died...this is a photo from Bev's Photo Album....I want to thank her for sharing her photos with me....   

Blanche Edward

This is Blanche Edward, the photo is from one of Bev's family photo albums.....   

MILLIE & ALFRED -- SAME BIRTHDAY!!!! (photo to the left)

This is Millie Smith/Hunter wife of Albert (Allie) Franklin Hunter son of John Blair and Nancy Ann Hunter....And the man is Alfred Herman Wethern who is Mary Ellen Hunters husband she is the daughter of John and Nancy Hunter.... They share the same birthday Sept. 14 Millie was born in 1875 and Alfred in 1861.....(MSB)  

JAMES DELARAIN HUNTER(photo to the right)

  James Delarain Hunter is the son of  Samuel  Hunter & Abby Ellen Alford/ Hastings , he is the 1st son of their marriage together....  James married Marha Mero & together they had 6 children.... He was born 1849-1927....both James and Martha were well liked among their neighbors & friends...

Coomer Class of 1892 (left)

The photo is Nina Wethern's....Mel, Beryls son sent this to me awhile back....It has alot of my family members in it..... I know they are your family also but what I mean is Standing to the right of the steps as you are looking at the picture are Stella Gertrude Albee and right behind her is George Edward Hunter My Great Grandparents how cool is that.....also there are other family members in this photo.....front row L-R =  Burnetta Wethern, Rose Wethern, Ella Tucker, Belle Henry, Ostar Smith, Ed Smith, Howard Hunter, Frank Albee, Raymond Hunter, Stella Gertrude Albee, Nettie Potter, Mae Tucker, Lila Wthern.... Back row   Stirl Albee, Ralph Hunter, Rose Hunter, Katie Hunter. Hettie Corty (Teacher) Cora Albee, Geroge Hunter, Lee Hunter..... 1892 thanks to Mel and his family.....(MSB)  


Cora is the daughter of Willard Thing and Anna Parker she is the 3rd child of 4 children they had together...Mary Elizabeth was 1st and Joseph Willard was 2nd and Minnie Chalora was the youngest....Cora was born July 1853, and died May 14, 1902.....she was  married to William Long Hunter and together  they had 8 children....from what I have read in her obituaries she was very well liked and a good mother....this picture is a piece of a larger picture from a photo i found on Judy Phillips' web site....       

William J Waltenburg (left)

William is the 2nd child of William Henry Waltenburg (born in Canada) & Catherine Parmilla Stroughton Wright (born in Scotland)..... William was born in Oakdale, WI  and was married to Adaline Madora Coe.....He is one of nine children..... This is one of many pictures I have gotten from Diane.....She has been alot of help on this part of my family, thank you very much Diane.....

UNKNOWN # 92 (right)

Not sure who this is, but she looks like she could be from the Waltenburg family.....does any one know for sure??? 


Ed Wellington Waltenburg, his real name was Adam, but everyone called him Ed....I had a hard time finding this mans family & it was because he went by another name & I didn't know his "real" name..... he was 1 of 9 children... his parents were, William J waltenburg born in Canada & Catherine Parmilla Stoughton Wright born in Scotland.....Ed was born in Canada, he was born in Feb 1874 and he was married twice......He played the Violin & he and his 1st wife (my gr grandma) used to have alot of barn dances when they lived on their farm....when they divorced he and his 2nd wife Nina Alice Tenney moved to Washington....he then moved to ND where he lived in a motel..... My Uncle and my Dad and Aunt used to visit him there..... he then moved in with them and their parents, Ed & Idris Hunter until they had some kind of argument he then went to live with his ex wife Ina Waltenburg/Fredericks......   


Ida Cora Hunter is the daughter of William Long and Cora Edna Hunter.... she is oldest child of the 8 they had together she was born on January 30, 1870 and married twice 1st to Clifford Phillips they had one son together...She then married Allen Maxfield after Clifford died from a heart problem (exhaustion).....some people I have gotten info from say that Ida and Allen had a son named Allen Jr. and someone else I talked to recently closer to Allens family said that Allen & his first wife were the parents of Allen Jr.  so we need to do some more digging to find out about the child she may have had with Allen Maxfield (new 1-23-06)....


This is a photo of Ida C. Hunter/Phillips/Maxfield's son William...this was taken after his father died and his mother and him are living with his grandparents William and Cora Hunter.....he was married twice his 2nd wife died 1day after he did in January of 1968....he had 4 children with his 1st wife.....          

Unknown #137 (right)

Here is another picture from Bev's family photo album, if you recognize either of these two people please let us know......just send us an email...

UNKNOWN # 83 (left)

These 4 ladies are a part of the bigger picture with Cora and William Hunter from Judy Phillips web site... I took this from that picture to see if we could identify the other 3 women in this picture the second one from the left is Ida Cora Hunter....We do not know who the others are yet.....If anyone recognizes any of these women let me know, just email me....  


This couple is the parents of Viola Powel/Wethern....the wife of Clyde Wethern...Their names are Norma Augusta Noyes/Powell and Lee Roy Powell... And  Norma is holding a baby that is believed to be Norma the youngest daughter of Clyde and Viola's children......She is also the grandmother of Hollie the woman who sent me these great pictures of her family..... I dont have any dates of birth or death on either Norma Augusta or Lee Roy  but if you need more info I will try to get it for you just send me an email  (new 1-23-06).... 


I hope you enjoyed the pictures please stop back I will be updating as often as possible....