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Photos of Allen Maxfield Sr. & family

It was thought that when Ida Cora Hunter married Allen Maxfield Sr. that they had a son together, Allen Maxfield Jr.....I was recently in contact with Allen Sr.'s  Great Granddaughter, he was married to her Great Grandmother (Allen's 1st wife) Ida Smith they had 8 children together and one of them was Allen Jr.....Ida Smith Maxfield died when the children were very young and they went to live with either family members or friends of the family and some were adopted by these friends or family.....most of them in the Eau Galle WI of the daughters was named Nina but when she was adopted they changed her name to Gertrude....    Terri worked very hard on this part of her family along with Bonnie DeLong & I want to thank them both for their help in clearing things up for me on the Allen Maxfield Jr. mystery part of this family.....(updated 5-8-06)   

Allen Lincoln Maxfield Sr.  2nd Husband of Ida Cora Hunter/ Phillips/Maxfield  he is the so of  Stephen Maxfield and Louisa Annis(Aunis) he was born Feb. 11, 1862 in Oakfield,  WI.... and he was Christened on Nov. 10, 1937 in Menonomie, WI  and died in Hatchfield WI and buried in Eau Galle WI

Allen Maxfield Sr. --- born Feb. 11, 1862 Oakfield WI,   Died in Hatchfield WI, Buried in Eau Galle WI.... He is the son of Stephen Maxfield & Louisa Polk.... he was the 2nd husband of Ida Cora Hunter/Phillips....they had no children together.....He & his first wife Ida Smith had 8 children together......  (above)  

  HAZEL, ALLEN Jr., MAGGIE, BEN..... (left)

This is a photo of 4 of the 7 children of Allen Maxfield Sr. and Ida Smith (Allen's 1st Wife), Hazel, Allen Jr, Maggie, & Ben....


Hazel & Allen Jr. & Maggie & Ben  Maxfield (above)


Allen Maxfield Sr. was first married to this woman Ida Smith and these are their children Hazel, Margaret, Florence, Ben, & Allen Jr. (we thought he was Ida Cora Hunter's son) Isabel, and baby Clifford, the oldest child, Frances, died as a very child and Nina the youngest of their children was not born yet....I found all this information from Terri Borkman, she and Bonnie DeLong gathered all this info and lots more.... she was able to help me sort out who Allen Jr. was....a lot of us thought he was the son of Allen Sr. and Ida Cora Hunter (the 2nd marriage for both of them)...Terrie's Grandmother is Hazel, Allen Jr.'s sister Terrie was able to get info from Hazel about the family, and she found that after their mother Ida Smith died Feb. 7,  1900


Allen Sr. and Ida Smith Maxfield's Family Photo (above)


Thanks to Terri & Bonnie for all your help and Hard work!!!!!