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This page is dedicated to Samuel Hunter and his 2nd wife and their children... you can see their their family chart that will have dates, places, spouses, and other info on it....   

If you have any information on these 3 men please let me know....I just cannot seem to find anyone related to this family....There was one lady that was related through James Delarain Hunter but I have lost track of her, her name is Kathy Olive....If you know of her please have her contact me I really would like to talk to her again..... 


Samuel and Ellen had 3 sons together, James Delarain, Charles Edgar & Joseph Franklin...   ***The photo of the lady on the right is Abby Ellen Alford Hunter>>>> she is the 2nd wife of my Great Great Great Grandpa Samuel Hunter (more info on Abby below)

James Delarain B= March 10, 1849  D= 1927    Married Dec. 15, 1872 to Martha M. Mero, they had 6 children together...James was born in Crawford Co. PA and came with his parents to WI in 1853

Charles Edgar  B= April 16,1852   D= June 4, 1934        Married Ida May Boyce April 15,1877 together they had 4 children...Charles was also born in Crawford Co. PA and Came with his parents to WI in 1853...

Joseph Franklin  B= Feb. 7, 1856   he married Augusta E Wilson on Sept 13, 1882... they had 4 children together... 



***Abby Ellen was married once before, her 1st husband was John Adam Hastings they had three children together....Zalman Rice Hastings, Adam Alford Hastings, & Steven Von Winkler Hastings..... John was born Oct 1 1814 he died Aug 7 1844 he married Abby Ellen Jan 5 1836..... 


IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO ON ANY OF THE 6 SONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW I CAN'T FIND ANY ONE RELATED TO ANY OF THEM..... I would like to thank Kathy O. for the great photo of her Gr Gr Gr Grandma Abby "Ellen" Alford Hastings Hunter, Abby is Our Gr Gr Gr Grandpa Samuels 2nd Wife.... Thanks alot for the neat picture Kathy, thanks for sharing with me....