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The pictures on this page have been on this web site before I am just giving them their own page today (5-26-06).....I have been in contact with two very nice people that are related through John Blair Hunter and his 2nd wife Nancy Ann Goggins/Murphy,  Mel Cunningham and his sister Sue are the children of Beryl Percia Mullen, daughter of Rose Ethel Wethern/mullen who was the daughter of Mary Ellen Hunter/Wethern one of John and Nancy Ann Hunters  twin daughters.... Beryl is 96 years old as of August of this year and with her help Mel & Sue have been getting names of people in photos they have in their photo albums, and writing them down, which is a good idea for all of us to do before its to late & the people who took the photos or are in them are no longer with us....Mel and I have been exchanging info for awhile now we met through his sister  Sue, who is also researching our family......They have all been kind enough to let me put some of their pictures on my web site so I may share them with others.....Their photos will all be marked with (MSB) so that you can tell which ones they are.....There will be other pictures from my photo albums included on this page also....I hope you enjoy looking at them all, we all did!!! Thank you Mel, Sue & Beryl for your contribution of photos and info & thanks to everyone else who has helped me also, all is greatly appreciated.....    

Mary Ellen Hunter & Alfred Herman Wethern (left)

Wedding Day May 7, 1884.....  Daughter of John Blair Hunter & Nancy Ann (Annie is what everyone called her) Goggins..... and the son of David Y. Wethern & Ester Ann Niles.... Mary Ellen & Alfred had 12 children together..

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Alfred & Mary Ellen Wethern & their youngest son : 

Alfred & Mary Ellen later on in their marriage, along with their youngest son Cecil....

Alice Anna Hunter / McCusker (left)

Alice Anna Hunter/McCusker  Twin Sister of Mary Ellen Hunter/Wethern .... she is pictured here with her daughter Mattie... she married Edward Henry McCusker son of Thomas McCusker & Brigitta Rogan....Alice Anna's parents were John and Annie Hunter..... they had 10 children together.....

Great Great Grandma Nancy "Annie" Goggins / Hunter (right)

Annie Goggins was my Great Great Grandma & the 2nd wife of my Great Great Grandpa John Blair Hunter....this was her 2nd marriage also she was married to William Murphy & they had 2 sons James & John Murphpy....Annie & John Hunter were married July 31, 1862 after both their spouses had died....John's First wife was Rebecca Malott.... Nancy knew her before she died.... Annie & John had 7 children together..... 

Mary Ellen & Alfred's 50th Anniversary (left)

This is Mary Ellen & Alfred on their 50th wedding anniversary May 7, 1934 with their children, (standing) Clyde, Mary Ellen, Ester, Charlie, Wesley, Alfred--- (sitting) Nina, Rose, Dick, Alfred (Bub)..... 

Family Get Together Hunter, Wethern, McKeen, Maxfield....(right)

This is quite the group of family members the names of everyone are under the photo.... I will try to explain who they are here... (back row) = Allie (is Albert Franklin Hunter--John & Annie's son) Millie (Allie's wife), Les & Roy & Myrtle (Isabelles children), the person Hiding I think is Ted Hunter (Charles S everyone called him Ted - John & Anniie's son), Alfred Wethern (Mary Ellen's Husband)....(front row) = Gertie Hunter (George & Ted Hunters Wife) Joyce Maxfield (a daughter of Esther Nancy Wethern/Maxfield who is a daughter of Alfred & Mary Ellen she married L.M. Maxfield), Alice Mckeen (I am pretty sure she is the wife of Les I could find no other Alice), Irene Hunter (Allie & Millie's daughter), Nina Wethern (Mary Ellen & Alfred's daughter).....If anyone spots a mistake please let me know.....

Beryl Percie Mullen (left)

This is a photo of Beryl Percie Mullen, daughter of Ethel Rose Wethern & Percy Arnold Mullen they had 4 children together, Beryl was born Aug 26, 1909 & she died in Jan 22, 2006 she was 96 years old she helped her children with their family history quite a bit before she left them by telling them stories and putting names to some of the faces in their photos...she will be greatly missed.....***I want to thank her and Mel & Sue for all their help also they have filled in alot of empty spots I had....**Beryl married Melvin Laverne Cunningham Sr.  They had 2 children together.... **later Beryl married Clarance King..... 


I hope you enjoy these photos, thanks to Mel, Sue and Beryl for sharing them with me and the info they shared also.... there are other photos so take a look at some of the other pages on my web site & enjoy looking through the photo albums Our Hunter family & the different branches.....