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The photos on this page are from family photo albums if there are any from Bev's Great Great Grandma Rebecca's photo album I will mark them with "RJM" .....  If you recognize anyone please let us can email me at    or  Bev at ....



Unknown # 100 (left)

Do you know who these two men are??? on the back of the postcard it says "to William Hunter".... Maybe they are two of his family members, or 2 classmates.....

Unknown # 101 (right)

Another picture from Bev's family photo album....and yet again we do not know who this boy is.... that is the problem, our grandparents and other ancestors did not put names and dates on Photos....why should they---they knew who they were....& we still do that today....Remember name and date your photos.....     

Unknown # 102 (left)

This unknown man was in the Navy, anyone recognize him at all ???

Unknown # 103 (right)

A couple of men that could be brothers---Hunter brothers ??  maybe....  again we are not sure, but that is what this page is for....."The Unknown Hunter Family Photos" now they could be from any of the other branches---cousins etc....Wetherns, Things, McKeens, etc... 

Unknown # 104 (left)

This looks like it would have been taken in the 1900's....I only know it is from Bev's family photo album & we do not know who they are...

Unknown # 105 (right)

These 2 men could be brothers, I am not sure if they are from the Hunter family or from one of the different branches like the Strouts, Mckeens, Wetherns, Things or one of the others from our tree.... do you recognize them ???

Unknown # 106 (left)

2 unknown girls with either their mother, aunt or their grandmother.....I am not sure which family they are from it could be the Hunters, but it could be one of the other branches like, the Strouts, McCuskers, Things, Wetherns, McKeens or one of the other branches of cousins we have....Do they look familiar to you??? if so send me an email and let me know....  


Remember to put names and dates on your photos so future generations know who the people in the pictures were, or someday they will have to have a page like this asking "who are these people ??" Enjoy the photos and come back again for more new photos later.....