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This page will have info on John and Nancy Ann or "Annie" as they called her according to some of the records I have on her.... that is how I will refer to her.... John and Annie are My Gr Gr Grandparents.... their youngest son George Edward Hunter was my Gr Grandpa.....both Annie and John were married before they married each other....John as you know now was married to Rebecca and after Rebecca died John married Annie Goggins, she was married to William Murphy together William and Annie had 2 sons, James and John... William was a tailor in Prescott WI....He died about the same time Rebecca did it was about a year after her son John was born.....Annie was born on Aug. 20, 1838 in Salid Ireland and she died Oct. 21, 1915 Clam Falls WI.....Annie and John had 7 children together and John her youngest son lived with them plus all of johns children from his first marriage, I am not sure what happened with James Murphy her oldest son who was only about 2 years older than John Murphy I am still looking for information on them both..... since they are both 1/2 brothers to My Gr Grandpa George Edward..... 

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Below is the family chart for John Blair Hunter & Nancy Ann Goggins/Murphy.....It shows the birth dates and death date of both of them and each of their children and each of their spouses it also will give other information if available.....If you have any corrections, additions, or questions please feel free to contact me by email anytime.....  

If you have any photos or info you would like to share on this family please let me know....


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Nancy "Annie" Goggins/Hunter (above)

This is my Gr Gr Grandma Nancy Ann Goggins (photo above).....she was the 2nd wife of my Gr Gr Grandpa John Blair Hunter.....Nancy was born in Salid Ireland although I haven't found it on the map yet.... She was born Aug. 20, 1839 she died in Oct. 21, 1915.......she is buried in the Loraine Cemetery in WI.... she had 7 children with John, and from her 1st marriage to Willliam Murphy (a tailor from Prescott WI where he died about 1860) she had 2 sons James and John (1860).....she was very ill before she died......This photo was given to me by Mel whose mother was the Gr Granddaughter of Nancy and John and the Granddaughter of Mary Ellen (one of their twin daughters) Mel & his mom Beryl and sister Sue have shared alot of photos with me and have allowed me to share them with you also, look for more pictures of Mary Ellen and her family (Wethern) on one of the other photo pages on this site.....   

Beryl Percie Mullen (taken in 2005) b= Aug 26, 1909 & she died Jan. 22, 2006 she would have been 97 this year ....this is Mel and Sue's Mother she supplied the photos like the one of Gr Gr Grandma Nancy Goggins (and others throughout the pages of this site), the names, and the info......Mel recorded it and together they all got it organized....she remembered quite a bit for her age, she was able to remember people, places and events, she was 96 years old.......


Mary Ellen Hunter (One of the twins) with her husband Alfred Herman Wethern on their wedding day....




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