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 Photos are from different families not just Hunter, I have different families on this page .... Included are Wethern's, Maxfield's, Waltenburg's, and Mullen's.... 

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Andrew Franklin, this is the son of William Long & Cora Edna Hunter

This is from my family album (new 1-13-07) It is Me (Cindy) my brother Bryan & my sister Roxann it was taken on a Sunday (I can tell by what we were wearing) at my Grandma & Grandpa's Farm near Hewitt MN (my mom's parents)

Idris Josephine Waltenburg with her father Ed "Adam" Wellington Waltenburg....

Eloise (Hunter) & Russell & Sharon & Jerry Ryss family of Bennie Ryss

Benny Ryss Husband to Eloise Janet Ryss (photo to the left) and father to the 3 children in the photo to the left......

The Adults in the photo are--(left-right) Alfred Wethern & wife Mary Ellen Hunter/Wethern & "Ted" Charles S. Hunter (Mary Ellens Brother) The children are (l-r) Name unknown, but is one of Clydes chlidren (Clyde is one of Mary Ellen & Alfreds Children) & Bruce Mullen & Phyllis Rose Mullen (Bruce & Phyllis are Beryl Percie Mullens brother and sister) (MSB)

Mildred Ellen (Millie) Smith Albert's wife & Albert Franklin (Allie) Hunter, Mary Ellen Hunter/Wetherns Brother & Sister-in-Law and one of their granddaughters (May 1941) (MSB)

# 46 UNKNOWN - above- (from Bev's photo album)

Unknown # 109 From Bev's photo album (New Sept. 13 2006)

UNKNOWN # 110 From Bev's photo album (New Sept 14 2006)


This is the William Long Hunter Family (above) back row -- Cora, William, Ida, Edwin, Unknown, Addie----front row----Benjamin& William Glenn Phillips , Ida's son I am not sure yet who the babies are yet....

Unknown # 108 From Bev's photo album.. (New Sept 13 2006)


UNKNOWN # 111 From Bev's photo album (New Sept 14 2006)

# 78 UNKNOWN Notice the girl in the circle photo also

UNKNOWN #122 (new 1-13-07) this lady is another unknown face from Bev's photo albums if you can help us out with any info on this lady or any other picture on this web site pleas let me or Bev know by sending us an email.....


# 50 UNKNOWN (from Bev's photo album)

# 49 UNKNOWN (from Bev's photos Album) This one is not very clear but maybe someone can make out the faces enough to recognize the couple in this photo, if you do please email me and let me know remember to include the # of the photo so I know which photo you ar talking about...

UNKNOWN # 68 This Photo I am not positive on but it looks like it could be my Great Grandma Stella Gertrude Albee/Hunter/Hunter & her son (my Grandpa) Edward Blair Hunter & her 1st husband my Great Grandpa George Edward Hunter

UNKNOWN #112 From Bev's photo Album Anyone recognize Him??? (New Sept 14 2006)

# 58 UNKNOWN --above-- (from Bev's photo album)

UNKNOWN #123 (new 1-13-07) Another picture from Bev's photo albums......

Unknown # 113 Another photo from Bev's photo album (New Sept 14 2006)

My Uncle George Edward Hunter

UNKNOWN #128 this couple is from Bev's photo album & could be from the Hunter family but could also be from the Musser's, Strout's, Thing"s .....if you recognize them let us know.....


# 84 UNKNOWN this picture was taken from a bigger picture unknown # 52 (with William Long Hunter) this is the boy on the very far right of the picture (from Judy Phillips web site)