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The photos on this page were sent to me by HOLLIE, she is the Great Granddaughter of Clyde & Viola Wethern.... Their daughter Norma is her Grandma.....Clyde is the son of Mary Ellen & Alfred Wethern and Viola is the daughter of Lee Roy Powell & Norma Augusta Noyes.....These are great photos and she was nice enough to share them all with me, I appreciate all the photos and the info she shared with me also I hope this helps some of the rest of you too....I want to thank Hollie for everything she has shared with me..... 

You are the 1881 visitor to this Page I hope you enjoy the Photos..... (left)

CLYDE WETHERN at age 16 years.....son of Alfred & Mary Ellen Wethern.....Husband of Viola together they had 5 children....Adeline, Audrey, Kathleen, Alfred, Norma..... Kind of a handsome boy don't you think ???!!!

Clyde's Wife & Children (right)

This is Viola (Clyde's wife) & children....Back rorw = Viola , Middle row = Audrey (with glasses), Adeline, Kathleen, Front row = Norma (Hollie's Grandma) & Alfred.....       Thanks for the great picture Hollie.....


All Grown Up Now !!!!! (left)

You saw them as children in one of the photos now here they are all grown up !!!! 

Norma, Adeline, Alfred, Kathleen (passed away 12-21-05), Audrey is not pictured in this photo......

Clyde & Viola (right)
Viola, Clyde, Lee Roy Powell (Viola's father) holding Alfred, Norma Powell (Viola's mother), Viola's Sister (name ??),  Front row = Kathleen, Adeline & Audrey....  
Alfred Wethern with his Great Granddaughter (left)
Alfred Wethern (Mary Ellen's Husband) & his Great Granddaughter Arlene, she is the Granddaughter of Clyde and the daughter of Adeline..... Isn't this great, Here he is holding his Great Granddaughter, Thanks for sharing this one Hollie....
Clyde & Children (right)

This is Clyde with Esther Wethern/Maxfield (Clyde & Viola's daughter), Viola Clyde's wife, & Cecil their youngest child, his wife Millie is sitting in the front....

Hollie's Great Grandparents (left)

Hollie As a young child sitting with her Great Grandparents, Clyde, & Viola Wethern....Thank you Hollie for all these great picturess of your family......


These are all such great photos & like I said they are all from Hollie, she did agreat job of sending me a great selection and variety of photos to show me who her family is.....thanks alot Hollie your help has been Appreciated !!!! I hope you all enjoy these photos too....check out other pages there maybe other photos from Hollie there and there are photos from other family photo albums to look at please check them out too....