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On this page is a variety of pictures of a couple different Cemeteries, The Mt Blair Cemetery in PA, & The Loraine Cemetery in WI.....I have also been able to get a few more grave stone pictures from both cemeteries.....I was able to take some more pictures up at the Loraine Cemetery and Bev sent me a few of hers also.....

The real find was when I heard from someone in Blooming Valley PA.... Her name is Debra and she is the Historian for that town.....and she was digging for information on some of the people that used to live there, Samuel Hunter & Nancy Agnes Blair/Hunter's children stayed in Blooming Valley and Run a Hotel called Hunter House....she came across my web site & wrote to me....She had photos to share & I had info to share, it was great.....This Lady I had never even met even went to Mt. Blair Cemetery & took Photos for me.....I want to thank Debra again for all she has done for me....Check out the photos!!!!!   

William Harrison, Mary, Eloise & Margaret Hunter (left)

This Photo is from Debra from Blooming Valley, PA.....This is the headstone for William Harrison who is the son of Samuel Hunter and  Nancy Agnes Blair & brother to my Gr Great Grandpa John Blair Hunter, the head stone also includes their sisters Eloise Hunter/Blystone and Margaret Hunter & Harrison's wife Mary Alford.....

Mt. Blair Cemetery Woodcock Twp PA (left)

This is also one of the pictures Debra Took for me of the Mt. Blair Cemetery......this is closer to the top looking downward..... 

Mt. Blair Cemetery (left)

Another view of Mt Blair Cemetery looking upwards this time.....At the very top of the hill is where Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandpa Samuel & Grandma Ann Blair were buried.... The Cemetery was started on their farm land and it was started as a family cemetery with a few friends added....now I am not sure if it is used for the public or if it is not used at all even by the Blairs or Hunters...Debra says it is not maintained very well.....Maybe There is someone over in Woodcock, PA that would like to take that on as a family project & make it a beautiful cemetery once again....


Nina Ellen Wethern (left)

Nina is the daughter of Mary Ellen Hunter/Wethern and Alfred Wethern she is buried in The Loraine Cemetery in WI.....she was born March 9, 1900 and died in Jan. of 1975.....She never married she lived with her sister Esther.....she died from a complication from a flu shot......

Alfred Herman Wethern (left)

Alfred is the husband of Mary Ellen Hunter/Wethern his parents are JDavid Y. Wethern and Ester Ann Niles......he was born Sept. 14, 1861 and died Oct. 1, 1957....he is buried in the Loraine Cemetery also......

The Loraine Cemetery, WI (left)

This photo was taken by Bev during one of her visits to the cemetery..... Her family and my family are both buried in this area of the cemetery.....my grandma and grandpa and my dad..... 

Esther Ann Niles/Wethern (left)

Esther Wethern, I figured out who this was by the dates on the stone, at first I thought it was one of Alfred's children but the dates are not right for Esther Nancy, I couldn't figure out right away until looked closer at the dates they aren't real & also the stone says "Grandmother" Esther Wethern then I remembered Alfreds Mother was named Esther also......born 1839 died 1913 about 74 years old.....      


Thanks for taking a look at my web site and all the pages, You can make copies of what you need for your own personal use only.....please do not sell or give away to someone who can make a profit off this info or these photos  ......Others besides me have worked very hard collecting the Info and the Photos on this web site & it is not fare for someone else to profit from their hard work......thank you for your understanding......